Dale Robertson’s feedback about the XpressPads Complete Program

Just a review: First off go ahead and even try to find anything else on this subject, there is not a lot. Andreas has put together the finest teaching available on finger drumming. It is so detailed and the progression is perfect. It is challenging, but the best path to feeling like a real drummer…
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What Exceptional Multi-Instrumentalist Muk Sang Huang says about XpressPads

A few years ago I saw Jeremy Ellis play finger drumming on Youtube. It was awesome, so I started to search for some information about finger drumming. I have tried MPC, MPD, Maschine, and Ableton Push. I have tried to create my “custom” layout, but all the pad layouts were just not right for me….
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XpressPads now fully compatible with Windows 10!

It’s done! The XpressPads Finger Drumming eCourses are now compatible with Windows 10. With the arrival of the Win 10 versions we have also added a new search function in the upper right corner of the program which will help you find the topic of your choice faster! If you are a customer and have…
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2,000 Subscribers on YouTube: Win 1 of 5 XpressPads Complete Program eCourses

Thank you so much for 2,000 subscriptions on YouTube! We want to give you something back. This is your chance to win 1 of 5 XpressPads Complete Program eCourses for finger drumming. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this video within one week after the publishing date. The winners are: meja331…
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Miriade EP released by Almymve / Mosaik

Many thanks to Almymve for sharing his current musical works. A big part of his experimental music he recorded using the XpressPads Finger Drumming technique. Watch the video clips to see the magic of the music unfold! +++ Hi Andreas! How are you? Last month I released an EP of what over the last two years became a way…
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Novation Launchpad Pro for Finger Drumming

launchpad pro

Novation Launchpad Pro for Finger Drumming? Update 2016-12-04: Please check out this awesome MIDI converter script for Ableton Live. It is a huge time saver, super-easy to setup, and works with Ableton Push 2 & 1, and with Novation Launchpad Pro & MK2. +++ The Novation Launchpad Pro is more than just another control surface for Ableton…
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Travis Rodgers: The XpressPads finger drumming method is really unique.

Hi Andreas, [XpressPads] truly is a unique method compared to the typical “monotonous” finger drumming and creates the ability to get a live drum feel with the pads. Though i’m just starting with this two hand method, it looks to be a real treat (and challenge). Maybe I’ll get up to your level one day, HA!…
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Ableton Push for Finger Drumming

Ableton Push Thumb Placement

Content Introduction 64 Pad Drum Rack Since Ableton Live 9.2 Moving From Regular 4×4 Pad Controllers To Ableton Push Establishing A New 64 Pad Layout For Finger Drumming On Ableton Push Specific Ideas For XpressPads Layouts With 64 Pads For Ableton Push Creating A Live 64 Drum Rack For Ableton Push For Your Favourite Virtual Drum Kit…
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norisounds enjoys XpressPads on his Ableton Push 2

Hi Andreas,Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying XpressPads and could not be happier with my purchase!Also, things seem to work pretty good with Ableton Push 2. I am using a drum rack in Live and had to build my own kit with the mirrored pads. I have not been able to…
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Magic Tone Network Exercise Block 05: More Thoughts On Chords (7 Videos / 26 mins)

Magic Tone Network Exercise Block 01 Introduction Blog Picture

Contents This 100 percent FREE video tutorial series starts here. Contents of this exercise block: In-Scale Chords Scale Degrees Chord Functions – Tonic, Sub-Dominant & Dominant The A Minor Scale On The Magic Tone Network The A Minor In-Scale Chords Playing Simple Melodies Over A Chord Progression Strong Notes For Melodies In-Scale Chords Topics covered…
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