Rubba Fingaz: I found in myself just supernatural abilities in rhythm

This is a feedback which Rubba Fingaz from Saint Petersburg left on an XpressPads YouTube video. It was written in Cyrillic, so I had to make a few minor tweaks to the Google Translator result to capture the full sense of it in English. The orignal can be found here.


I want to thank you, Andreas, for the best course on finger drumming, which can be found on the internet. I first learned about your course in 2015, but I decided to buy it only recently, and now I understand that this is a real revolution in finger drumming. The effectiveness of the lessons is simply astounding! I wish you great success!

I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia. In the beginning, I used the Melodics app, which costs twice as much as your course. It gave me basic knowledge of rhythm building, but when I needed to knock the hihat with sixteenth beats in the lesson, my hand started to convulse. I tried to understand how to make this rhythm easier, but I could not pass the lesson even after the fiftieth attempt.

Then I remembered about your course, which I had seen on Youtube for a long time, bought it and after studying the first three pages of your manual in the course “Beginner” I found in myself just supernatural abilities in rhythm. Why the hell didn’t I buy it three years ago… With the ingenious concept of the layout of the sounds on the pads, you made really the most outstanding product on finger drumming all over the Internet, thumbs up!




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