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One Year Finger Drumming Training Review

Watch Vlad Crisu from The Joy of Finger Drumming celebrate his one-year training results with a blockbuster-lenght review video:   I decided to copy my own YouTube and paste it here so you can read my thoughts about it: SORRY, THIS IS GOING TO BE A BLOCKBUSTER-LENGTH COMMENT Hey Vlad, Thanks a lot for making…
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The Journey Of Becoming A Finger Drummer With XpressPads

the joy of finger drumming channel thumbnail

I’m pleased to introduce a very special YouTube channel to you. It’s “The Joy of Finger Drumming“. This channel describes Vlad Crisu’s journey of becoming a finger drummer with the XpressPads technique. On a monthly basis, Vlad releases progress update videos. Besides that, he comes up with a lot of additional valuable content, such as…
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Finger Drumming Challenge (TJoFD)

finger drumming challenge

Welcome to the finger drumming challenge XpressPads finger drummers, it’s your turn! Vlad Crisu from The Joy of Finger Drumming has initiated a finger drumming challenge an I hope a lot of you guys will join! The rules Practice the challenge groove. You can use the slowed-down video (including notation) from the below or above…
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Vlad Crisu: I look forward all day to the XpressPads time of the day

Vlad Crisu Finger Drumming with iRig Pads and Addictive Drums 2

Hey, Andreas! I read your latest blog post on the XpressPads website a few days ago, about Walter, the Canadian veteran who is using XpressPads as a management tool for his PTSD. Man, what a valuable read that was! I bet it was amazing to read that and feel that your work is paying off…
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