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XpressPads Core Program


The Core Program jump-starts your finger drumming! It’s structured into four main sections that are designed to be completed one after the other. The program contains all the techniques needed to play contemporary drum performances on your pad controller(s).


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Core Program – Demos

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Core Program – Course Description

It’s never been easier to learn finger drumming. The Core Program is a comprehensive eCourse that takes you on the exciting journey of learning finger drumming. The program covers all the universal techniques that apply to any style of drumming. Once completed, you can decide if you want to go deeper and explore the terrains of extreme Metal, Latin or Jazz music. It’s up to you. No matter where your finger drumming journey will take you, the XpressPads Core Program will make sure that you can play convincing grooves on your pad controller, using only your hands!

With more than 750 beat examples in both audio and notation format, and the carefully selected printable training materials, the program is a comprehensive source of guidance and covers a vast range of styles and rhythms. The step-by-step approach that is applied throughout all sections of this course guarantees that your exercise time will lead to extraordinary finger drumming skills.

As this eCourse is downloadable and contains a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can start your finger drumming training right away and risk nothing. If you don’t like the course, you’ll get your money back.

Last but not least, it’s important that you know that the Core Program gets you started right away on page one of the course. So it’s crucial that you first work through the “Get Started Now!” section of the XpressPads website before you begin working with the Core Program, as it explains some core principles that are mandatory to internalize before you kick off.

Furthermore, we have collected some introductory information for you on our blog, which we also highly recommend you read BEFORE getting started with the Core Program. All of this information will get you tuned into the exciting topic of finger drumming.

Core Program – Course Contents


  • Linear beat concepts
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Common bass drum / snare drum patterns
  • 8th note beats
  • Accentuation
  • Basic beat patterns
  • Basic drumkit notation (No worries, it’s very easy!!)
  • Shuffle beat concepts
  • Hi-hat gliss
  • 8th note fills
  • Finger exercises


  • 16th note beat concepts
  • Intermediate drumkit notation (Still very easy.)
  • Displacing and doubles
  • Common 16th note hi-hat patterns
  • Intermediate beat patterns
  • Syncopation
  • Half-time concept
  • Tom grooves
  • 16th note fills
  • Grooves in 12/8 time
  • Intermediate shuffle concepts
  • Sextuplet concepts
  • Ride cymbal applications
  • Long rests
  • “Four-on-the-floor” beats


  • Articulations
  • Stroke types
  • The XP rudiments
  • Odd time signatures
  • Timing
  • Special fingerings
  • Custom pad controller setups
  • Paradiddles concepts
  • Advanced training tips
  • 32nd note hi-hat rolls
  • Stroke types within grooves
  • Special triplets
  • Tempo awareness
  • Swells & pick-ups
  • Advanced fill concepts
  • Swiss triplets
  • Universal beat building blocks
  • Advanced phrase training


  • Finger drumming with two pad controllers
  • Xtreme layout & additional notation
  • New kit pieces and articulations
  • Rule amendments
  • Physical restrictions
  • Xtreme exercises
  • Thumb training
  • Double stroke variations
  • Addressing new challenges
  • Pedal Hi-Hat controller