Great Music Learning Software

Know chords insight and out:

How rich is your chord vocabulary? Do you want to play chords from sheets effortlessly? On the whole fretboard? In all 12 keys? Then the 100 Chords Method is the right training method for you. With this music learning software, you will soon master at least 100 chords, all within a few weeks of work. It’s all about the right technique and keeping track of your learning success. With this application, you’ll learn to play any important chord – not just simple major and minor chords – anywhere on the fretboard, and in any key. The play-along exercises make this process enjoyable, while the progress measurement system keeps you on track. Learning chords effectively is a matter of effective practicing, and this training method is all about effectiveness!

Improve your speed:

Do you play guitar? Do you want to play faster? You don’t know how to get there, so you are searching for a systematic training approach to get there? And, you have time to practice a half-hour per day for the next two months? Awesome, because the Guitar Speed Trainer is clearly the right music learning software for you. This application not only teaches the techniques required to play guitar fast – but it also contains the right drills to get you there. You can choose the training speed curves and the drills you want to focus on most. Speed picking, efficient picking strategies, and motion types are all explained in-depth and they are also cross-referenced and compared to one another. Once you understand WHY these techniques work, you are ready to practice them to gain speed – with the right exercise, at the right time.

Train your ears:

Do you want to become elite among musicians? Then train your ears, because if you can think it – you can play it! Being able to play melodies from the top of your head is a pinnacle of musical skills, and with the Multilateral Ear Training music learning software, you can now learn that skill in a structured and playful way. Discover this smart learning strategy, get acquainted with the effective performance measurement tool, and take action! With the included customizable drills, you’ll be able to play any melody by ear and recognize any musical interval, all within just a few weeks of practice. Don’t forget: If you can think about it, you can play it!

Learn sight-reading:

Sight-reading is one of the most challenging tasks musicians face when learning an instrument. It requires playing a piece right from the sheet music when seeing the notes on the page for the very first time. With the Sight Reading Method music learning software, you can learn to play the melodic lines of music the first time you see them. This sight-reading training course teaches both note pitch-reading and note duration-reading, one after the other, and then both combined – and that’s the key to success when you want to quickly become a confident sight-reader – in only months, rather than years. The built-in performance measurement tracking system allows you to self-evaluate your progress so that you stay motivated and focused when learning the sought-after skill of sight-reading.

Become a scales master:

Learning scales and modes is now easier and faster than ever. The revolutionary Guitar Scales Method music learning software teaches scales and modes in a structured way and accompanies your drills with play-alongs. With its accelerated learning techniques, it takes you step-by-step through all skill levels. Eventually, you’ll be able to place your hand anywhere on the fretboard and play in any key without hesitation, no matter how quickly the chords of the play-alongs change. Being a scales master is the fundamental skill required to play breathtaking guitar solos. Mastering scales and modes—and then improvising with them isn’t difficult, but it is definitely complex. It’s actually a combination of a few micro-skills: fretboard positions, fingerings, scale patterns, and scale degrees. With this excellent training tool, you’ll learn how to effectively combine these skills.

Improvise better:

Become an awesome improviser! Do you want to be able to effortlessly play musical improvisations over any chord progression? That’s no problem with the Improvisation By Degree music learning software! This application will gradually improve your skills at improvising on any series of chords. No matter which style of music you are into, this tool will universally train your improvisation skills across rock, pop, jazz, metal, blues, or any other genre. Put simply, it applies to ALL styles and ALL instruments. This tool will teach you the general principles of improvisation in a step-by-step series, no matter if you play guitar, bass, piano, or any other musical instrument. Plus, the program will measure your progress and help to keep you focused and motivated.

Master the fretboard:

No matter if you play guitar, bass, or some other string instrument, knowing the fretboard inside and out will make you play like never before. Truly learning the fretboard can be a cumbersome task if you don’t do it with a logical, structured method. How helpful is it that a music learning software tool exists to make mastering the fretboard more achievable? Consider the Absolute Fretboard Trainer. This application lets you playfully acquire this skill within a few weeks and in turn, it elevates your instrument skills to a higher level. No matter if you want to better understand chords and scales, sight-read more efficiently, or just want to more proficiently convert musical ideas into reality, this tool will assist you in achieving all of that the above. Measure your progress and keep motivated all the way through.