Jazz Finger Drumming

XpressPads Jazz Finger Drumming Expansion

Experience the virtuosity of Jazz! This XpressPads finger drumming eCourse helps you to experience the richness and complexity of the Jazz genre.


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Jazz – Course Contents

  • Standard pad controller layout for Jazz
  • Kit piece choice
  • Shuffle and Swing
  • The basic Jazz style elements
  • Jazz Waltz
  • Basic independence concepts for bass drum and snare drum
  • Comping and intermediate independence concepts
  • Triplet independence
  • Fast Jazz
  • Alternative pad controller layouts for Jazz
  • Walk-through of the most important traditional Jazz styles
  • Walk-through of the most important modern & post-modern Jazz styles
  • Jazz fills

Jazz – Demos

Jazz – Course Description

Jazz Drumming is all about independence, and, therefore, it is quite challenging. In addition, independence and improvisation can be quite difficult to learn. The good news is that the right training approach and training materials can help you to learn independence and improvisation relatively easily. You only need a reliable training concept, some discipline, and an understanding of the underlying concepts of Jazz independence and improvisation. That’s what most of this Jazz finger drumming expansion is about! Furthermore, it gives you a comprehensive overview of the most important Jazz drumming styles. Once you master the concepts of Jazz drumming, all the myths you might have heard will fade.

With more than 250 beat examples in both audio and notation format, and the clearly explained Jazz drumming concepts, this course is a comprehensive source of guidance and it covers the most important elements of Jazz drumming. The step-by-step approach that is applied throughout all sections of this course will ensure that your exercise time will lead to exceptional Jazz finger drumming skills.

As this eCourse is downloadable and contains a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can start your Jazz finger drumming training right away and risk nothing. If you don’t like the course, you’ll get your money back.

It’s important to know that the XpressPads Jazz Finger Drumming Expansion requires you to have completed the Core Program first. Without this prerequisite, you won’t have any fun with this course.

From time to time, we publish new Jazz finger drumming training materials and videos on our blog, as well as finger drumming-related hardware and software reviews. If you’re serious about becoming a Jazz finger drummer, you should take the time to click through the blog and see what’s in it for you. Everything you find there is free information, and it will help to make you a better finger drummer.