The Best Virtual Drum Sets for Finger Drumming

virtual drum kit collection

Contents Introduction To Virtual Drum Sets What Is A Virtual Drum Set? The Most Renowned Virtual Drum Sets Available Today Free Virtual Drum Sets Overall Virtual Drum Set Sound Available Drum Kit Piece Articulations Velocity Layers And The Dreaded Machine Gun Effect Quality Of The Transitions From Low- To High-Velocity Hits Tweak Ability Of The Raw…
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The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming (Video)

the best drum machines for finger drumming

Contents Choosing The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming Pad Sensitivity Drum Machine Hit Detection Accuracy Placement Of Knobs And Sliders On The Drum Machine Surface Drum Machine Sizes And Weights Your Budget & Your Needs What Is The Best Drum Machine For Finger Drumming? Choosing the best drum machines for finger drumming When beginning…
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Finger Drumming Pad Layout (Video)

The Big Picture in Mind

Floor concept This is a personal tip and it might be completely contrary to the method that you usually use to exercise and accomplish bigger tasks. In my opinion, this “big picture” method can help you to stay focused while enjoying your training success bit by bit. Try to see your training program as some…
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Finger Drumming Training

Importance of training Training is important if you want to make progress, and so is a certain amount of structure in your finger drumming training. Training structure helps you to stay disciplined. Ideally, your training plan should have different focuses and should highlight not more than three specific focus areas per training session. Make sure…
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Finger Drumming Practice Tips

No physical teacher A big advantage of the XpressPads finger drumming tutorials is that you can repeat chapters and exercises as often as you like and anytime you like. The tradeoff is that you are obliged to evaluate your progress on your own and without professional human feedback. This requires a certain amount of self-reflection…
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Handedness in Finger Drumming

For most people, one hand is more skillful and stronger than the other. It is probably the hand that you use to write. This imbalance is not a disadvantage for finger drumming. Of course, there will be exercises that require equally trained right and left hands, but your non-dominant hand will probably never be as…
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Finger drumming prerequisites: What do you need before you start?

A 16-pad (4×4) pad controller or hardware drum machine Currently, the prevalent pad controllers on the market are the “MPD” products from AKAI™, KORG™’s “PadKONTROL” and Keith McMillen™’s “Quneo”. The predominant hardware drum machines available today are AKAI™’s “MPC” products. Hybrids that combine extensive hardware control for software parameters are Native Instruments™’ “Maschine” products, AKAI™’s…
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What is a pad controller?

For those who are completely new to the world of digital music-making, virtual drum modules (VDM), drum programming, or finger drumming: the typical pad controller is a notebook-sized hardware device with sixteen (4 x 4) rubber pads arranged on its flat surface. The pads are touch-intensity sensors that are designed to be struck by the…
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Origin of the XpressPads finger drumming technique

A couple of years ago I purchased a pad controller. I bought it because I was sick of spending hours searching my MIDI drum loop libraries for grooves that would fit my compositions. If I couldn’t find a suitable groove, I usually tried to create the desired beat with numerous mouse clicks in the piano…
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