I Played “The Breakbeat Bible” From Beginning To End With XpressPads

[This is an email that I’ve received from Ceyhan Peştimalcıoğlu from Istanbul, Turkey. He started fringer drumming with the XpressPads technique in April 2019.]


Xpress pads, along with maschine, brought joy to my life. I quit my job 3 weeks after my purchase, produced several songs, and now I exclusively play drum machine when I jam with my friends although I have been playing guitar for 25 years. 

I am a math teacher and as an educator I really dig the way core program is constructed. 

I learned so much by practicing your app, played the book “breakbeat bible” from beginning to end, recorded ALL patterns in the book for further use but now I wanna dig deeper and practice more advanced parts of your program. 

I also recommended it to one of my friends who is also a math teacher. He bought the complete bundle and he was also amazed at the way the program is constructed. His name is Yusuf S. [Surname Removed]. 

I am sharing my soundcloud link, all the songs are produced solely by the technique I learned from the core program and by using the maschine app. 

Wish the best. 

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