What Others Say About XpressPads

I Played “The Breakbeat Bible” From Beginning To End With XpressPads

Ceyhan Soundcloud Profile

[This is an email that I’ve received from Ceyhan Peştimalcıoğlu from Istanbul, Turkey. He started fringer drumming with the XpressPads technique in April 2019.] Hi.  Xpress pads, along with maschine, brought joy to my life. I quit my job 3 weeks after my purchase, produced several songs, and now I exclusively play drum machine when…
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One Year Finger Drumming Training Review

Watch Vlad Crisu from The Joy of Finger Drumming celebrate his one-year training results with a blockbuster-lenght review video:   I decided to copy my own YouTube and paste it here so you can read my thoughts about it: SORRY, THIS IS GOING TO BE A BLOCKBUSTER-LENGTH COMMENT Hey Vlad, Thanks a lot for making…
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The Journey Of Becoming A Finger Drummer With XpressPads

the joy of finger drumming channel thumbnail

I’m pleased to introduce a very special YouTube channel to you. It’s “The Joy of Finger Drumming“. This channel describes Vlad Crisu’s journey of becoming a finger drummer with the XpressPads technique. On a monthly basis, Vlad releases progress update videos. Besides that, he comes up with a lot of additional valuable content, such as…
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Vlad Crisu: I look forward all day to the XpressPads time of the day

Vlad Crisu Finger Drumming with iRig Pads and Addictive Drums 2

Hey, Andreas! I read your latest blog post on the XpressPads website a few days ago, about Walter, the Canadian veteran who is using XpressPads as a management tool for his PTSD. Man, what a valuable read that was! I bet it was amazing to read that and feel that your work is paying off…
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How the XpressPads Finger Drumming Technique helps Walter Logozar to better cope with PTSD

Walter Logozar

This is an email exchange that I had with Walter Logozar from Canada. I’m glad that Walter shared his experience with XpressPads, as he applies it as part of his PTSD therapy (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy) . I was overwhelmed when reading his emails. If YOU suffer from PTSD, you should read Walter’s 20…
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Steve Berman: This to me is THE system, and by far the most intuitive.

Steve Berman from Phoenix, Arizona, left the below comment on the YouTube video you’ll find at the bottom of this blog post. Many thanks, Steve!   I naively thought that I might have come up with the idea of pad drumming about 3 years ago, but then Googled a bit and ended up finding this…
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Ron Osborn: “This was what I had been looking for.”

Hi Andreas, I recently purchased the XpressPads Complete Finger Drumming Course and have actually surprised myself at the progress I’ve made in a short amount of time, not only on the pads, but with musicianship in general. I play guitar and piano and was looking for something to help with my rhythmic ability. I had…
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Habib Lesevic feels XpressPads has made him a better musician.

This is what Habib Lesevic, UK-based educator and management coach commented on this YouTube video: “I personally own a few different programs/courses (e.g. Jeremy Ellis’ Maschine course on AskAudio or Mad Zach’s course on DjTechTools), but Andreas’ XpressPads Finger Drumming Course is on another level. His finger drumming technique is quite brilliant and a lot more…
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Hi Andreas Thank you so very much 🙂 I’m still in the Basics section and having a blast with an iRig Pads controller and DrumPerfect Pro, Alesis DMTouch, and sometimes DrumJam. Especially DrumJam is fun to play with because it has some nice exotic patterns which don’t get in the way when you want to…
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Dale Robertson’s feedback about the XpressPads Complete Program

Just a review: First off go ahead and even try to find anything else on this subject, there is not a lot. Andreas has put together the finest teaching available on finger drumming. It is so detailed and the progression is perfect. It is challenging, but the best path to feeling like a real drummer…
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