How the XpressPads Finger Drumming Technique helps Walter Logozar to better cope with PTSD

This is an email exchange that I had with Walter Logozar from Canada. I’m glad that Walter shared his experience with XpressPads, as he applies it as part of his PTSD therapy (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Therapy) . I was overwhelmed when reading his emails.

Walter Logozar

If YOU suffer from PTSD, you should read Walter’s 20 reasons why XpressPads Finger Drumming can help you coping with it better. You’ll find the list at the bottom of this blog post… it’s amazing.

Moreover, Walter has created a bunch of helpful training materials (independent of PTSD) which you can download for free here: Attachments Walter



Guten Abend Andreas,

I just purchased your full course last week and it is great! I was able to print page one, but no other ones. Am I even allowed to print them, I’m not sure. I would like to print the material as I prefer to work with paper and then do computer work while reading on paper. If you have a hard copy of your course, I would buy it. Anyway, please advise if printing is not allowed or is permissible, and if so, I’m not sure why I can no longer print. I also own a mac mini but did not purchase the mac version to see if the problem is with my laptop or software.

Have a great evening and keep up the great work you do. It is especially helpful for Paramedic Veterans like me that were injured while helping others and doing my part to keep citizens safe.

Walter Logozar



Hi Walter,

Many thanks for your kind words! It touches me to read that you’ve been injured and you see the XpressPadeCourse as a helping element in coping with that. Of course, your experience is beyond my imagination and it’s difficult for me to really comment on that, but be assured your message makes me happy and gives me the feeling my work resonates in more than a purely musical way. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with me!

Regarding the print-outs… The eCourse indeed is technically restricted to be worked with on the computer only. There’s some technology involved that recognizes screen recording software running in the background and also printing is disabled. I’ve done that in order to protect my intellectual property because a lot of time, effort, and money went into developing this eCourse. Publishing the whole eCourse as a PDF file would actually make it community property which I have to prevent at all means. However, the printable performance measurement cards hopefully help you working with the eCourse effectively.

This probably isn’t an overly satisfying answer to your question, but I hope it increases your understanding for why I’ve made that decision.

If you don’t mind, would you let me know how you were injured and how and what particular aspect of XpressPads helps you? That would be really interesting for me to know!

Many thanks for having purchased the eCourse! – I truly hope you’ll keep enjoying it. 

Best regards




Hi Andreas, 

I struggle with nightmares and sleep disturbances as well as many many daily recurrences of flashbacks. I worked as a Sanitater (Paramedic) on a Krankenwagen (Ambulance), with over 16,000 cardiac arrests over 25 years that I personally performed resuscitation procedures on men, women and children. Because I have the love of people, I now have severe Complex PTSD  and was working with it for quarter of a century.

I had friends in Deutschland, specifically, Frankfurt Am Main, but lost many friends here and abroad, due to my C-PTSD and memory problems (Many people don’t want to see what could happen to them I suppose).

Because I started my intense career young, I could not pshycologically continue after 25 years. I am only 48 years old and I felt completely useless until I found your course. In the 1980’s I had a 9 piece Yamaha Power V Acoustic Drum set and was accepted to the Grove School of Music in California, but I could not go because I could not afford it. The tuition for the 1 year was $15,000 USD in the ’80s. It’s all a review currently.

I don’t go out unless I have to, so I can spend lots of time studying and trying to excel at your course..

Your course will be helpful because it is concentration intensive, which is good because it blocks out the flashbacks. It also helps with memory retention, because memory issues are common with this problem. It also helps with Patience, as frustration is very much an issue. People with PTSD or C-PTSD are good with patterns, so they will pick this up easier than someone without these issues. This is confirmed by two Psychologists that I see Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I will let you know how it goes. I’m already getting good (not bragging) at it so far and recorded some practice tracks in my DAW. 

I’m sorry this message is so long, but I don’t get to speak to many people these days and it’s nice to speak to another person again.

Thanks again for offering your course to the World, I wish only the best success for you.

Your Friend in Canada,

Walter Logozar



Hi Walter,

Many thanks for your email. It is probably the most emotionally moving email that I’ve read from a user since I’ve launched the eCourse in late 2014. I’ve had several goose skins when reading the passages and I literally fought against tears. You need to know that I have a lot of respect for people working in the medical areas… protecting, rescuing and helping other people. How badly can life strike back!? It’s really hard to grasp and I’m very sorry reading about your “fate”.

All my best!




Dear Andreas,

I hope you are well. I am enjoying your course immensely. So much so that I purchased a second Akai MPD218 in preparation for the Xtreme section. I found a few benefits of using XpressPads as PTSD therapy. I will place them in point form within the body of this email for you to cut/paste for printing should you so desire to do. I will include my photo so that you can put a face to these communications. The binder I am holding is just what I put together.

So, here are the benefits that I found personally and that you may find interesting and may surprise you….

Benefits of XpressPads in relation to Acute and Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Major Clinical Depression (un-medicated):

1) Improves Concentration

2) Improves Memory (Short Term)

3) Improves Patience in accomplishing a task

4) Improves Self Esteem

5) Improves Confidence

6) Feeling of Pride in accomplishing a detail oriented task

7) Improved computer keyboard typing speed and accuracy

8) Study of computer systems and basic computer troubleshooting

9) Multi-disciplined art because of study of DAW technology, Computer Technology, MIDI skills

10) Primer in finger/hand stretching and hygiene

11) Time Management skills, as practice time must be set and conformed to

12) Release of anger by “pounding it out” on the pads

13) Temporary relief of always “looking over your shoulder”

14) Social skills component by collaborating with other musicians, producers etc

15) Nausea relief due to concentrating on finger drumming instead of the nausea 24 hrs a day

16) Improved Trust, in that others will not criticize your musical ability negatively and will use positive reinforcement

17) Improvement in falling asleep due to tiring of the brain from increased concentration

18) Stepping stone for other audio interests such as Sound Design, Field Recording, VSTi Design and Programming

19) Having a purpose in life (so many are lost and have no direction and sometimes end things early for themselves unfortunately. Imagine how good it would feel if someone said XpressPads saved their life!)

20) Great for people who love drumming or used to drum, who are unable to use their legs, are now able to enjoy drumming again via XpressPads finger drumming.


The list is only my first impressions so far and the benefits XpressPads has on me. Yes, I just ordered Field Recording equipment and I am interested in Foley now as well. So thank you Andreas!

Have a great evening and talk soon.

Your Friend,


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