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Paweł Tołoczko applies the XpressPads Technique in his Drum & Bass Projects

Pawel drum and bass finger drumming on Maschine

Hello Andreas. My name is Pawel, I am from Poland and at the beginning, I would like to say that I am a big fan of your work. I purchased “Core Program” about a year ago and implemented it into my routines. Honestly, it was a “game-changer” for me in the way of thinking about…
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NI KOMPLETE Ultimate Review For Finger Drummers

NI Komplete Ultimate 10 Box Shot plus included products overview

Content Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate: What’s In It For Finger Drumming? Let’s First Take A Look At Native Instruments As A Company. Enough Praise. Why is NI KOMPLETE Ultimate So Great For Finger Drumming? It’s Too Late For Me, But Maybe Not For You. KOMPLETE Ultimate Integration With Maschine. Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate: What’s in it for…
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The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming (Video)

the best drum machines for finger drumming

Contents Choosing The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming Pad Sensitivity Drum Machine Hit Detection Accuracy Placement Of Knobs And Sliders On The Drum Machine Surface Drum Machine Sizes And Weights Your Budget & Your Needs What Is The Best Drum Machine For Finger Drumming? Choosing the best drum machines for finger drumming When beginning…
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Maschine Finger Drumming: How To Prepare Your Maschine For XpressPads (Video)

Maschine Pad Naming and Coloring

Maschine Finger Drumming Configuration Native Instruments’ Groove Production Studio Maschine comes in three versions (Maschine Mikro, Maschine, and Maschine Studio) and is a fantastic tool for creating loop- and layer-based music. With a high-quality, velocity-sensitive 4×4 pad section, it also works beautifully as a drum machine for finger drumming. Though there are different techniques to…
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