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Finger drumming prerequisites: What do you need before you start?

A 16-pad (4×4) pad controller or hardware drum machine Currently, the prevalent pad controllers on the market are the “MPD” products from AKAI™, KORG™’s “PadKONTROL” and Keith McMillen™’s “Quneo”. The predominant hardware drum machines available today are AKAI™’s “MPC” products. Hybrids that combine extensive hardware control for software parameters are Native Instruments™’ “Maschine” products, AKAI™’s…
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What is a pad controller?

For those who are completely new to the world of digital music-making, virtual drum modules (VDM), drum programming, or finger drumming: the typical pad controller is a notebook-sized hardware device with sixteen (4 x 4) rubber pads arranged on its flat surface. The pads are touch-intensity sensors that are designed to be struck by the…
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