Finger Drumming Challenge (TJoFD)

Welcome to the finger drumming challenge

XpressPads finger drummers, it’s your turn!

Vlad Crisu from The Joy of Finger Drumming has initiated a finger drumming challenge an I hope a lot of you guys will join!

The rules

Practice the challenge groove. You can use the slowed-down video (including notation) from the below or above video. Alternatively, you can use the notation of the drum groove which was kindly prepared by Vlad. You’ll find it at the bottom of this blog post.

Upload a video of you playing or interpreting the challenge groove to youtube and place the link to your video as a comment on the below video from The Joy of Finger Drumming.

Vlad will create a collection of all submitted videos and host on his youtube channel.

The submission deadline for the challenge is August 25th 2019.

See the below video for more information:

Finger Drumming Challenge drum notation

Download the notation of the finger drumming challenge groove as a PDF file.

finger drumming challenge notation

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