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Hi Andreas Thank you so very much 🙂 I’m still in the Basics section and having a blast with an iRig Pads controller and DrumPerfect Pro, Alesis DMTouch, and sometimes DrumJam. Especially DrumJam is fun to play with because it has some nice exotic patterns which don’t get in the way when you want to…
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The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming (Video)

the best drum machines for finger drumming

Contents Choosing The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming Pad Sensitivity Drum Machine Hit Detection Accuracy Placement Of Knobs And Sliders On The Drum Machine Surface Drum Machine Sizes And Weights Your Budget & Your Needs What Is The Best Drum Machine For Finger Drumming? Choosing the best drum machines for finger drumming When beginning…
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iRig Pads Editor Software Explained (Video)

iRig Pads Editor Overview

iRig Pads Editor Software Introduction Just released a few days ago, the iRig Pads Editor is a useful addition to the hardware device itself. Not only does it make possible the editing of all MIDI parameters via a PC or Mac, but it also allows the exchange of presets with friends and colleagues. The iRig…
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iRig Pads Review And Editing (Video)

IK Multimedia iRig Pads Review

iRig Pads Review The „iRig Pads“ by IK Multimedia is a small, light-weight pad controller that can be used for finger drumming and to control virtual instruments and effects in software-based music production environments. The device is conveniently USB-powered, thus requires no external energy supply. The iRig Pads can be taken on the go since…
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