Ron Osborn: “This was what I had been looking for.”

Hi Andreas,

I recently purchased the XpressPads Complete Finger Drumming Course and have actually surprised myself at the progress I’ve made in a short amount of time, not only on the pads, but with musicianship in general.

I play guitar and piano and was looking for something to help with my rhythmic ability. I had tried drums proper, but keeping a kit was not feasible so I was looking for something that covered fundamental rhythm principles in the context of playing pads.

I tried Melodics first. It reminded me of the game Rocksmith that let me use my guitar as a game controller – great way to pass the time, not such a great way to learn how to play a song.  After a few hours I’d progressed through the bulk of the free content but I couldn’t play anything once I closed the program.

When I came across XpressPads on YouTube, the alternating hands method appealed as it reminded me of playing snare drills on the drum kit. Within minutes of starting the XpressPads course I was already introduced to percussion notation and starting on basic linear beat variations. It was so easy to pick up and start playing something musical. This was what I had been looking for.

After a couple of weeks practising the basics I’m finding I don’t have to quantise my beats anymore and I’m even getting a reasonable swing in a blues track now.  Even more interesting, my bass guitar playing improved without any additional effort.

I’d happily recommend this course to musicians looking to improve their rhythm chops. It’s a great foundation and is much better value than any subscription based online game. I’m glad I opted for the complete bundle. Great value for money.

Keep up the good work!



Ron Osborn lives in Sydney and also enjoyed learning piano, at “Music With Charlie“.


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