Habib Lesevic feels XpressPads has made him a better musician.

This is what Habib Lesevic, UK-based educator and management coach commented on this YouTube video:

“I personally own a few different programs/courses (e.g. Jeremy Ellis’ Maschine course on AskAudio or Mad Zach’s course on DjTechTools), but Andreas’ XpressPads Finger Drumming Course is on another level.

His finger drumming technique is quite brilliant and a lot more ergonomic than the usual one-pad-per-sound approach. The course is paced just right for me and teaches rhythm as much as it teaches finger drumming technique. I feel this course has made me a better musician and I am very glad I bought this programme. And what is funny, through Andreas’ course, my skills in “standard” finger drumming (one-sound-per-pad) has improved too…so now I can play most of the stuff I can do with Andreas’ layout and approach in a more standard approach as well.

Btw, the software itself is really low-tech, it’s effectively text-based lessons with audio loops, but still worth every penny! Highly recommended.”

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