Handedness in Finger Drumming

For most people, one hand is more skillful and stronger than the other. It is probably the hand that you use to write. This imbalance is not a disadvantage for finger drumming. Of course, there will be exercises that require equally trained right and left hands, but your non-dominant hand will probably never be as skillful as your dominant hand.

Thanks to the shape of pad controllers, handedness in finger drumming doesn’t matter – the beats and exercises in all XpressPads courses can be played equally well by either hand. You will see a couple of beats that indicate the alternation of the hands and which usually start with an “R” for “Right Hand,” as most people’s dominant hand is the right hand. If your dominant hand is the left hand, just switch around the Rs and Ls in those exercises.

Left- or right-handed?



This playing technique works equally well for everyone

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