What Exceptional Multi-Instrumentalist Muk Sang Huang says about XpressPads

A few years ago I saw Jeremy Ellis play finger drumming on Youtube. It was awesome, so I started to search for some information about finger drumming. I have tried MPC, MPD, Maschine, and Ableton Push. I have tried to create my “custom” layout, but all the pad layouts were just not right for me. I really wanted to play like a “real” drummer on my 4×4 pads.

Then I found the XpressPads website on the internet. The layout (or better: “the system”) of XpressPads is most effective for me, but not just the layout! The XpressPads Complete Program is a comprehensive learning system that lets you become a finger drummer. You can learn it step by step and – trust me – if you try the XpressPads technique, you’ll understand that it is the best finger drumming product available.

Since I study the XpressPads Complete Program, I am able to play all the drum parts of real songs, or just open a backing track and jam to it. I can record my own drum tracks for my songs in the DAW now. There is no more need to “draw” midi notes or use Notation software, no more limits.

Watch Muk Sang Huang’s performances on Youtube:

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