Magic Tone Network Exercise Block 01: Introduction (15 Videos / 47 mins)

Magic Tone Network Exercise Block 01 Introduction Blog Picture

Contents This 100 percent FREE video tutorial series starts here. Contents of this exercise block: Magic Tone Network Pad Layout Explained On Launchpad Video Tutorial Setup Overview Note Range Of The Magic Tone Network The Chromatic Scale On The Magic Tone Network The 12-Note Block The C Major Scale On The Magic Tone Network Major…
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Magic Tone Network FREE Video Tutorial Series

Magic Tone Network Start Here

 What is XpressPads “Magic Tone Network”? XpressPads Magic Tone Network is a FREE video tutorial series for those who would like to compose music on pads. It provides an innovative method to get sophisticated music composed on 8×8 pad controllers such as Novation’s Launchpad, without having to learn the depths of music theory. A person…
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Novation Launchpad for Apps OTHER THAN Ableton Live

launchpad pro

Contents Update 2016-12-04: Please check out this awesome MIDI converter script for Ableton Live. It is a huge time saver, super-easy to set up, and works with Ableton Push 2 & 1, and with Novation Launchpad Pro & MK2. +++ What Is The Novation Launchpad? Novation Launchpad & Automap Novation Launchpad For Finger Drumming And The “Magic…
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Guitar Chords for Beginners

C Major Guitar Chord - correct

Content Getting Started With Eight Guitar Chords For Beginners A Few Notes About Guitar Chord Diagrams What To Take Care Of When Learning These Guitar Chords For Beginners Playing The First Songs With Beginner Guitar Chords A Great Tool To Learn 100 Guitar Chords In Just A Few Weeks Playing Guitar And Finger Drumming Writing Down Guitar…
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Lance Miller about his first steps using the XpressPads technique

osmotic bass

Hey Andreas – I finally got to sit down with your XpressPads program for a while yesterday.  Even this early on, I am really impressed with your method.  I’m making very rapid progress, and playing much more complicated beats than I expected with such little practice. Your method is simply more efficient and more like…
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Paweł Tołoczko applies the XpressPads Technique in his Drum & Bass Projects

Pawel drum and bass finger drumming on Maschine

Hello Andreas. My name is Pawel, I am from Poland and at the beginning, I would like to say that I am a big fan of your work. I purchased “Core Program” about a year ago and implemented it into my routines. Honestly, it was a “game-changer” for me in the way of thinking about…
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NI KOMPLETE Ultimate Review For Finger Drummers

NI Komplete Ultimate 10 Box Shot plus included products overview

Content Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate: What’s In It For Finger Drumming? Let’s First Take A Look At Native Instruments As A Company. Enough Praise. Why is NI KOMPLETE Ultimate So Great For Finger Drumming? It’s Too Late For Me, But Maybe Not For You. KOMPLETE Ultimate Integration With Maschine. Native Instruments KOMPLETE Ultimate: What’s in it for…
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NI Studio Drummer Review for Finger Drummers

NI Studio Drummer - All 3 Virtual Drum Kits

What’s NI Studio Drummer? “Studio Drummer” is Native Instruments’ 3-pack of general-purpose acoustic virtual drum kits. All three virtual drum kits have been sampled in great depth and with serious attention to detail. Up to 25 velocity levels per kit piece transport the realism of these drum kits into the virtual world of drum track…
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NI Abbey Road Drummer Review for Finger Drummers

NI Abbey Road Drummer - product overview - condensed

Contents What’s NI Abbey Road Drummer? The Sound Of Abbey Road Drummer Usability Of Abbey Road Drummer Shaping Sounds In Abbey Road Drummer All Abbey Road Drummer Products In One Big Bundle Conclusion What’s NI Abbey Road Drummer? “Abbey Road Drummer” is Native Instruments’ high quality range of virtual drum kits, all recorded in the…
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1,000 Subscribers on YouTube: Win 1 of 5 XpressPads Complete Program eCourses

Thank you so much for 1,000 subscriptions on YouTube! We want to give you something back. This is your chance to win 1 of 5 XpressPads Complete Program eCourses for finger drumming. All you need to do is to leave a comment on this video within five days after the publishing date. The winners are:…
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