Free 45-minute Novation Circuit Tutorial (Video)

Free Novation Circuit Tutorial Videos

In this comprehensive free Novation Circuit tutorial series you will learn the device inside out. Within 45 minutes it covers all functions required to make music with the device. Moreover, I’ve added all relevant videos, that Novation published when Novation Circuit updates were released as well as some Circuit Editor tutorial videos from BoBeats. Finally, I’ve added all relevant links where it made sense.


This is an excerpt of what people said on Youtube after watching this 45-minute Novation Circuit tutorial series:

ZUrlocker: “Thank you. These videos are super helpful. I’m looking forward to buying one of these.” / Jeremy Wild: “The best tutorial I’ve seen on circuit” / DJDeepDrama: “I just got a ‘Circuit” and wanna give you a shoutout for how awesome your tutorials are. Even better than the manufacturers. Calm, relaxed and right to the point. You had me Ace-ing this thing in 1 day.” / Gordon Fishwick: “Thanks, Andreas. I’d suggest this whole series is an absolute must to any new or prospective Circuit owner. […] Excellent job.” / Allan Soh: “wow thank you! your tutorial is fantastic and help me alot after i bought this today.” / SaoriGameOver: “Wonderful tutorial, Andreas! You explained everything very well and helped me learn a lot. Thank you!” / Marc Geeroms: “Just great! People devoted to share and learn” /  Josue Wybert: “Very good concise tutorial.  Much appreciated.” / strumfun: “Thank you for the time and effort you took in creating and sharing such helpful information… all tutorials are great. Thanks.” / Quphonic: “These are awesome tutorials, THANKS!!! Watched a few and now have a really good idea how this baby works…” / iampeaking: “Hey Andreas, I just watched all your tutorials on the circuit and I must say you have done a wonderful job.” / LCMessinger: “Great tutorials. The videos on the Novation site are useless. I would have returned my Circuit if it weren’t for your help.” / Michael McGlinchey: “I agree with LC Messenger. Great tutorials.” / Luc Bogemann: “Dude, sooooooo helpful. I had no idea what the macros did properly until I watched this. THX SO MUCH!!!!!!”

Let’s go:

Lesson 0: Introduction

Lesson 1: Quick Overview

Lesson 2: Creating A Drum Pattern

Lesson 3: Creating Synth Patterns

Lesson 4: Mixing And Applying Effects

Lesson 5: Creating Pattern Chains

Lesson 6: Macro Control Automation

Lesson 7: Things To Avoid

Lesson 8: Novation Circuit Update 1.2

Lesson 9: Novation Circuit Update 1.3

Lesson 10: Novation Circuit Update 1.4

Lesson 11: Novation Circuit Components Standalone

Lesson 12: Novation Circuit with LaunchControl XL MK2

Lesson 13: Circuit Editor Explained by BoBeats


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Lesson 0: Introduction

Lesson 1: Quick Overview

Lesson 2: Creating a drum pattern

  • In real time
  • In sequencing mode
  • Editing drum notes
  • Changing drum patches
  • Changing drum sounds via the macro controls
  • Changing tempo and swing
  • Enabling fixed velocity

Lesson 3: Creating synth patterns

  • In real time
  • In sequencing mode
  • Using side-chaining
  • Changing scales and root notes
  • Extended note view
  • Functions of the octave button
  • Using the gate function
  • Pattern length
  • Note nudge


Lesson 4: Mixing and applying effects

  • The mixer
  • Muting tracks
  • The effect preset system
  • Applying delay effects
  • Applying reverb effects

Lesson 5: Creating pattern chains

  • Pattern system explained
  • Limitations of pattern chaining


Lesson 6: Macro control automation

  • Overview of recordable macro functions
  • Recording macro control automation
  • Deleting automation
  • Automation in longer patterns

Lesson 7: Things to avoid

  • Missing undo function
  • Changing sessions
  • Opened and closed hi-hat
  • Using headphones

My Circuit

Circuit Editor

Circuit Components


  • Recording MIDI data coming from external controllers
  • Momentary recording
  • Per-step automation clear
  • Changing patches via program change
  • Importing your own samples
  • Customizing Novation Circuit
  • Creating your own sample sets
  • Backing-up sample sets
  • Auditioning samples
  • The Novation Circuit Editor from Isotonik Studios
  • Using Novation Circuit in your DAW
  • The power of the synth engine explained via the Novation Circuit Editor
  • Applying up to four parameters to one macro knob
  • Storing synth sounds

Lesson 9: Novation Circuit Update 1.3

  • Sample auditioning
  • Drum macro automation
  • Recording sequences in the sample audition page
  • Sample flip basics
  • Sample flip step automation
  • Duplication accross tracks
  • Sample decay
  • Improvising with sample flip
  • Novation Circuit Components enhancements (colors, organizing samples, saving individual sessions)

Lesson 10: Novation Circuit Update 1.4

  • Updating your Novation Circuit
  • “Circuit Pack” format
  • New patches, samples, and sessions
  • Drum pattern length feature
  • Instant pattern switch feature
  • Color-coding sessions via the hardware

Lesson 11: Novation Circuit Components Standalone

Lesson 12: Novation Circuit with LaunchControl XL MK2

Lesson 13: Circuit Editor Explained by BoBeats

  • Circuit Editor walk-through
  • Building a patch from scrach
  • Using the mod matrix
  • Creating pad and bass sounds

Lesson 8: Novation Circuit Update 1.2

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