Pad Controller

iRig Pads Editor Software Explained (Video)

iRig Pads Editor Overview

iRig Pads Editor Software Introduction Just released a few days ago, the iRig Pads Editor is a useful addition to the hardware device itself. Not only does it make possible the editing of all MIDI parameters via a PC or Mac, but it also allows the exchange of presets with friends and colleagues. The iRig…
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iRig Pads Review And Editing (Video)

IK Multimedia iRig Pads Review

iRig Pads Review The „iRig Pads“ by IK Multimedia is a small, light-weight pad controller that can be used for finger drumming and to control virtual instruments and effects in software-based music production environments. The device is conveniently USB-powered, thus requires no external energy supply. The iRig Pads can be taken on the go since…
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