Bobby Ramsey found a new purpose for his Korg PadKontrol with XpressPads

I love XpressPads┬ábecause there’s a music theory to playing pad drums now. Before I would waste time on which pads triggered which samples. There were always more samples than I needed or could even remember and I didn’t sound good playing them. I got Korg PadKontrol, a 4×4 pad controller, just to help with production and performance, but now it can stand alone and I can have a lot of confident and competent fun with just Ableton and my Korg PadKontrol or any 4×4 pad controller like the pads on my Alesis VI61 because of XpressPads.

The lessons are so easy and they guide you through the learning process really well. I notice significant improvement every time I do a lesson before the lesson is even over and I always end up jamming on what I learned and feeling like a real drummer.

Best part: My neighbors thought I was a drummer on a real drum kit. They said it was too loud and I had to turn it down. Good thing I got XpressPads┬ácause you can’t turn down a real drum kit. Thanks Andreas and everyone else at XpressPads.

Bobby James Ramsey, 28

Alabama, United States

Bobby Ramsey uses XpressPads for Finger Drumming

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