What is the XpressPads finger drumming technique?

Customer Feedback

Bill Miller, Canada, via Facebook: “If anyone is interested in learning to play drums on a controller such as MASCHINE then this is the bible as far as I’m concerned!!” –> complete feedback


Lance Miller, USA, via Email: “I am really impressed with your method.  I’m making very rapid progress, and playing much more complicated beats than I expected with such little practice. Your method is simply more efficient and more like real drumming than other 4×4 techniques I have tried.” –> complete feedback


Habib Lesevic, UK, via YouTube: “I personally own a few different programs/courses (e.g. Jeremy Ellis’ Maschine course on AskAudio or Mad Zach’s course on DjTechTools), but Andreas’ XpressPads Finger Drumming Course is on another level. His finger drumming technique is quite brilliant and a lot more ergonomic than the usual one-pad-per-sound approach.” –> complete feedback

The XpressPads Finger Drumming Technique in action

Who is the XpressPads finger drumming course series for?

  • People who are searching for a desktop alternative to real drumming.
  • Musicians of all backgrounds who want to expand their creative horizons and explore their rhythmical abilities.
  • Anyone who owns or plans to buy a drum pad controller and virtual drum set software or integrated groove production studio.

Why choose the XpressPads finger drumming technique?

  • The XpressPads courses teach you finger drumming on a pad controller using only your hands. You will achieve ultra-realistic-sounding drum performances—ranging from simple to very complex, and in any drumming style you can imagine.
  • The XpressPads courses are designed to quickly teach you highly effective techniques. They are packed with tons of embedded audio beat examples that will allow you to immediately verify the expected training results by ear.
  • The XpressPads courses follow a clear step-by-step training approach so you don’t leave out any important finger drumming skills.
  • The XpressPads courses contain important strategic training materials, such as performance measurement cards and beat matrices. This will help you to maintain a structured approach and measure your training progress.
  • The XpressPads technique is equally suited for left- and right-handed people.
  • All the XpressPads finger drumming courses are instantly downloadable and contain a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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More Customer Feedback:

  • Alexander Zemlyanskiy, Germany, via Facebook: “Thank you very much for the awesome program! It is probably the best structured teaching method I have ever seen and it is definitely worth every spent cent!” –> Alexander’s profile on Facebook
  • Paweł Tołoczko, Poland, via Facebook: “I purchased “Core Program” about a year ago and implemented into my routines. Honestly it was a “game changer” for me in the way of thinking about finger drumming and this is why I decided to write to you and say big Thank You for this.” –> complete feedback plus video
  • Emilio Bethencourt, Spain, via Email: “… I’m really delighted with the Core Program… It’s very extensive, well-structured and the examples are great and useful in real life situations, and best of all: you get awesome results in less than an hour… so, big big thank you!”
  • Frank Nitsch, Germany, via Google+: “There are many finger drumming artists on earth, but I haven’t found training material well thought-through like this one.” –> complete feedback
  • Bill Miller, Canada, via the XpressPads finger drumming forum: “Andreas, I have to state how incredibly impressed I am with the innovation, methodology and linear presentation of your XpressPads course. On a more casual note; I’m having a blast learning finger drumming using your techniques!”
  • Dale Robertson, USA, via Email: “Andreas has put together the finest teaching available on finger drumming. It is so detailed and the progression is perfect. It is challenging, but the best path to feeling like a real drummer quickly.” –> complete feedback
  • Nathan Norman, USA, via YouTube: “Thanks for offering this awesome program.  I am having a blast learning from your XpressPads Core Program.” –> feedback source
  • Andreas Müller, Australia / Germany, via YouTube: “I have found my new favourite hobby in finger drumming through your website and I am very grateful for that :)” –> feedback source
  • Alvin Yap, Canada, via YouTube: “I’ve bought XpressPads a few days ago, it’s a great way to not only play the drums, and learn drum patterns.” –> feedback source
  • Soo Eung Ahn, South Korea, via Email: “I have to say your work is tremendous.”
  • Mans Martensson, Denmark, via Email: “[…] now I’m convinced that playing pads with fingers is an instrument worth learning and that I will get somewhere if I follow your instructions.” –> complete feedback
  • Bobby Ramsey, USA, via Email: “I notice significant improvement every time I do a lesson before the lesson is even over and I always end up jamming on what I learned and feeling like a real drummer.” –> complete feedback
  • Xavii Lain, Brazil / Netherlands, via Email: “Just wanted to drop a note that I got to the finger drumming lately and I want to congratulate you for a concise and well thought out course. I’m having a blast!” –> complete feedback
  • Travis Rodgers from RightMind Studios, USA, via YouTube: “It truly is a unique method compared to the typical “monotonous” finger drumming and creates the ability to get a live drum feel with the pads.” –> Watch the video!
  • norisounds, Sweden, via Email: “Just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying XpressPads and could not be happier with my purchase!” –> complete feedback
  • Mateusz Gumieniak, Poland, via YouTube: “Thank you Andreas, your course is great! I’m still at the basic level, but i can see progress happening. It’s immensely fun.” –> feedback source
  • John Fredrickson, USA, via YouTube: “Hello XpressPads, Been using your course for the past few weeks and really enjoy what I’m getting out of it.” –> feedback source
  • Muk Sang Huang, Hong Kong, via Email: “Trust me – if you try the XpressPads technique, you’ll understand that it is the best finger drumming product available.” –> complete feedback plus video
  • Noel Lindquist, Canada, via YouTube: “I think Andreas has one of the best courses out there! You all should go to the XpressPads website and get a copy!”  –> feedback source
  • Almymve, Netherlands, via Email: “[XpressPads] really freed me up to get to the creative side of music making.” –> complete feedback
  • Itai Tzur, Israel, via YouTube: “Just started the basic course. Great method and great course. Keep going.” –> feedback source
  • PPRO MUSIC, Poland, via YouTube: “I just purchased your finger drumming basic program and it goes really awesome.” –> feedback source
  • Sebastian Chan, Taiwan, via YouTube: “Hi, I read your course, it’s pretty well-organized. Thank you very much!” –> feedback source
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