Help Mapping Ableton Live Drum Rack with MPD218


Newby here; Although I’m lost; Cannot find a solution to Map the Ableton Drum Rack using MPD218 editor;
I try all kinds of solutions, problably the issue; Some say select PROG Pad-4, some say PROG Pad1-5 (?);
Ableton Drum Rack always open on C-2(Pad1) to D#1(Pad16) and I cannot line up all these pads with MPD218 no matter any preset I set on MPD218 editor; Most times when I send to Hardware it the DAW(Ableton) loses all connection with the MPD218.
I cannot figure out what or sequence of wrong things I’m doing; Any help will much appreciated.

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Asked on October 18, 2021 8:34 pm