MPD 226 BBD (Big Band Learn Issue Propellerhead Reason)

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Hello, I haven’t seen anyone address this particular problem yet so:

I use Propellerhead Reason as my DAW, I have big bang drums installed as a VST.

But I have learning function issue. The learn function works when programming the differents pads to drum sounds on the mpd 226.

However, when trying to learn the faders and knobs to the BBD knobs and faders are the EQ for example, it doesn’t learn anything, I can’t get it to work, and I can’t find any documentation listing the CC numbers for the different knobs and sliders on BBD, to try do it manually.

Any ideas why the faders and knobs on the MPD 226 won’t learn in BBD, or how do you learn them?

I’d love a little video tutorial showing how to learn the different control parts on the MPD 226 to BBD if it works for you.

(For info I can use the faders and knobs fine in Reason, so they are definitely working, just not in BBD)

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Asked on July 18, 2018 9:49 am
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