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You absolutely do not need to be a real-life drummer to learn this finger drumming technique

I am not a drummer.


Seating me behind a real drum kit would result in no pleasure for anyone.

All of the techniques that you will learn throughout this course stem directly from my intense studies of the playing techniques of professional drummers and contemporary musical styles. I have read dozens of drumming books on different styles and techniques, and I have watched countless drum education videos created by top-notch professionals. I have read stacks of drumming magazines and accumulated all the drumming knowledge I could get my hands on in order to create one comprehensive course series for finger drummers. I have studied both the basic and the advanced techniques. I have broken down all of the relevant techniques into their pieces, analyzed them, and reassembled them in accordance with the XpressPads finger drumming technique so that they are playable on a standard pad controller. What you will learn in this course series is the essence of all of that work.

You will soon understand that (as there is for me) there is a way for everyone without prior drumming experience to play amazing grooves on a pad controller. You will see your pad controller as a fully featured and highly effective instrument. If you experience learning success similar to mine, this technique is likely be one of the most enjoyable things that you will ever do in your life as well as one of your fastest learning experiences. If you practice regularly, you will be able to play anything that I can play today in a couple of months.

Play and have fun!



Finger drumming is one of the most exiting things you might ever do musically – and it’s incredibly fun

No more chaos!

One secret of the XpressPads technique lies in ending the chaos. Chaos is the glitch found in today’s variety of products. Too many options can prove more frustrating than useful. Here, you will not use countless pad assignments (presets / layouts) for the pad controller. You will use only ONE assignment throughout the core program of this series, and a few more in the additional courses. You think this is simple? – It absolutely IS! And it must be if you want to become really good at playing your pad controller in a short amount of time. How could you achieve excellence if the rules of your playing changed with every new musical project? Let’s stick to some solid rules and playing techniques and apply them all the time.

This course was written while progressing

This is not one of those tutorials that were written by somebody who has lost contact with his or her basic beginner roots. Most of this course was even written WHILE I was making progress. This way, I believe I have captured all of the relevant steps of the process that brought me to my current playing capabilities. My intention was to write this course series for people who have little or no previous drumming knowledge – people in exactly the same position that I was a few years ago.

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