Magic Tone Network presets for all Novation Launchpads, Ableton Push 2 & 1, and NI Maschine Jam

MTN layout for Novation Launchpad Mk3 Generation

Update 2020-09-21: These .syx-files (XpressPads Magic Tone Network for Launchpad Pro X Mini Mk3) need to be loaded via Novation Components and will work with these three Launchpad controllers:

Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

Novation Launchpad X

Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3

Depending on how many octaves you’d like to cover with the Magic Tone Network in user mode, you can load between one and six .syx files onto your Launchpad. Launchpad Pro Mk3 offers you eight user grid pages, Launchpad X only four, and Launchpad Mini Mk3 offers three pages. While Launchpad Pro and X pads are velocity-sensitive, Launchpad Mini’s pads aren’t.


MTN layout for Native Instruments Maschine Jam

Update 2020-09-21: Load the below configuration file into the Native Instruments Controller Editor software and thereby onto your Maschine Jam.

XpressPads Magic Tone Network for NI Maschine Jam

The first Page contains the three main layouts for the XpressPads finger drumming technique (Standard-, Latin- & Jazz, and Xtreme layout all on one page). Pages 2 – 7 contain the Magic Tone Network Layout, whereby each incremental page reflects the MTN layout, starting at one octave higher than the prior page. Page 8 is a special page that is meant for finger drumming. It is built to work with the Maschine Expansions and tries to approximate the typical mapping of Maschine Expansions towards the XpressPads finger drumming technique. However, since the “pads” of the Maschine Jam are actually “buttons” without velocity sensitivity, I only recommend using the Maschine Jam for finger drumming when no velocity-sensitive pad controller is around.


MTN layout for Ableton Push 2 & 1, and Novation Launchpad Pro & MK2

Update 2016-12-04: Please check out this awesome MIDI converter script for Ableton Live. It is a huge time saver, super-easy to set up, and works with Ableton Push 2 & 1, and with Novation Launchpad Pro & MK2.


MTN layout for legacy Novation Launchpad (1st Gen)

Novation Automap is required. After installation, run the Novation Automap Server and load the preset for Launchpad / Launchpad Mini:

XpressPads Magic Tone Network layout for Novation Launchpad

Note: This preset does not work with newer Launchpads!

Additional controller mapping for Novation Nocturn (also for Automap):

XpressPads Magic Tone Network additional control layout for Novation Nocturn