Hardware Presets for Novation Launchpads Mk3 (Pro, X, Mini)

Launchpad Mk3 (Pro, X, Mini)

These .syx-files (XpressPads Finger Drumming Presets for Launchpad Mk3 (Pro, X, Mini)) are made for use with Novation Components and will work with these three current Launchpad controllers:

Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

Novation Launchpad X

Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3

There are 4 .syx files available, one that contains the three main layouts (Standard, Latin & Jazz and Xtreme, and one file per each layout in case you want to see them on separate user pages on your Launchpad:

  • XP FD A 3 Layouts in 1 Preset
  • XP FD B Standard Layout
  • XP FD C Latin & Jazz Layout
  • XP FD D Xtreme Layout

Launchpad Pro Mk3 offers you 8 user grid pages, Launchpad X only 4, and Launchpad Mini Mk3 offers 3 pages. While Launchpad Pro and X pads are velocity-sensitive, Launchpad Mini’s pads aren’t.