64 Pads Drum Rack Preset for Ableton Live

Ableton Live Drum Rack Preset for 64 Pads

Update 2016-12-04: Please check out this awesome MIDI converter script for Ableton Live. It is a huge time saver, super-easy to set up, and works with Ableton Push 2 & 1, and with Novation Launchpad Pro & MK2.


Use this preset when you want to play the XpressPads technique with Ableton Push, Novation Launchpad Pro, or a similar 8×8 pad controller.

This presets contains the following XpressPads layouts:

  • Standard Layout
  • Latin & Jazz Layout
  • Xtreme Layout
  • Insanity Layout

XpressPads Layouts (Standard, Latin & Jazz, Xtreme, Insanity) Project

The project was built for Addictive Drums 2, but you can use any other virtual drum module with it (e.g. BFD, Superior Drummer, Abbey Road Drummer, etc.). Just add a new track for your virtual drum module and then change the “midi to” field for each pad so that it links to the virtual drum module you like to play with.