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this is not really a question but more of a short guide. I hope this hasn’t been covered by Andreas or someone else already – anyways, haven’t found it. I tried quite a few iOS apps which would allow me to practice just with a controller and my phone while on the run. One app which seems to work really well is DrumsLive by Luigi Ferone. I created a MIDI mapping for my MPD 2018 based on the following notes the software expects:

Kick: C2
Snare Rim: C#2
Snare: D2
Snare long: E2
Tom Low: F2
Tom Med: A2
Tom High: D3
Clsd HH: F#2
Cld HH2: G#2
Open HH: A#2
Crash: C#3
Ride: D#3

The sounds are ok for practice while traveling and all you need is your phone and the pad-controller.

A second app which also seems to work quite well is
With this you can either configure your pads or use the software’s mapping editor to configure the software for an existing mapping.

I have added my MPD mappings as attachment.

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Asked on October 29, 2018 8:39 pm
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Hey Richard,

Many thanks for sharing that solution. Much appreciated!

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Still a Great suggestion April 2022.
Thanks, Richard

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