FL-Studio 12.1 offers new “HQ Drum Kits” for FPC for free (Video)

fl studio fpc

Introduction to FL-Studio’s “HQ Drum Kits” Image-Line has just released the 12.1 update of its flagship DAW FL-Studio. As usual, FL-Studio updates come for free due to the company’s awesome commitment to providing lifetime free updates. Whoever believes that this relates only to the software backend itself is wrong: with each and every update, the…
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Mac Version & 1st Anniversary

It’s done! The XpressPads Finger Drumming eCourses are now available for Mac OS 10.8 and above. Moreover, we are getting closer to our first anniversary. On 31st of August 2014 went online. A lot has happened since then. In the next couple of days we will use our YouTube channel to share some interesting…
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Bill Miller about the arrival of the XpressPads for Mac eCourses

I am delighted to see talent scout Bill Miller‘s feedback on the arrival of the XpressPads for Mac Complete Program! Bill is the owner of Canadian radio promotion company Sharp9Music which works with and for musicians, record labels, managers and publishers.

AKAI MPD218 Test and Review (Video)


Content What’s The AKAI MPD218? The Pad Section Of The AKAI MPD218 Additional (FREE) Software The MPD218 Software Editor Conclusion What’s the AKAI MPD218? The AKAI MPD218 is the brand new entry-level Pad Controller by AKAI Professional. It’s the smallest pad controller of the MPD2-series which consists of three pad controllers. It also has the…
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The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming (Video)

the best drum machines for finger drumming

Contents Choosing The Best Drum Machines For Finger Drumming Pad Sensitivity Drum Machine Hit Detection Accuracy Placement Of Knobs And Sliders On The Drum Machine Surface Drum Machine Sizes And Weights Your Budget & Your Needs What Is The Best Drum Machine For Finger Drumming? Choosing the best drum machines for finger drumming When beginning…
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iRig Pads Editor Software Explained (Video)

iRig Pads Editor Overview

iRig Pads Editor Software Introduction Just released a few days ago, the iRig Pads Editor is a useful addition to the hardware device itself. Not only does it make possible the editing of all MIDI parameters via a PC or Mac, but it also allows the exchange of presets with friends and colleagues. The iRig…
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How to use Stylus RMX Drum Kits (Video)

Exchanging Stylus RMX drum kit pieces

Introduction to Stylus RMX Drum Kits Many people with experience making computer-based music will surely know Spectrasonics’ loop-based groove production flagship Stylus RMX. It has been on the market for about a decade and has been a great success for Spectrasonics, known for producing top-notch virtual instruments such as the “power-synth” Omnisphere and the “total…
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iRig Pads Review And Editing (Video)

IK Multimedia iRig Pads Review

iRig Pads Review The „iRig Pads“ by IK Multimedia is a small, light-weight pad controller that can be used for finger drumming and to control virtual instruments and effects in software-based music production environments. The device is conveniently USB-powered, thus requires no external energy supply. The iRig Pads can be taken on the go since…
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Maschine Finger Drumming: How To Prepare Your Maschine For XpressPads (Video)

Maschine Pad Naming and Coloring

Maschine Finger Drumming Configuration Native Instruments’ Groove Production Studio Maschine comes in three versions (Maschine Mikro, Maschine, and Maschine Studio) and is a fantastic tool for creating loop- and layer-based music. With a high-quality, velocity-sensitive 4×4 pad section, it also works beautifully as a drum machine for finger drumming. Though there are different techniques to…
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Bobby Ramsey found a new purpose for his Korg PadKontrol with XpressPads

I love XpressPads because there’s a music theory to playing pad drums now. Before I would waste time on which pads triggered which samples. There were always more samples than I needed or could even remember and I didn’t sound good playing them. I got Korg PadKontrol, a 4×4 pad controller, just to help with production…
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